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K2 Consulting - Property Tax Specialists


Reducing Property Taxes Directly Impacts Your Bottom Line

Whether your property is a condo, townhouse, single-family residential home or a large metropolitan office complex, we dedicate the full resources of K2 Consulting to lowering your property tax assessment. We specialize in individualized service and our goal is to save you money by reducing your property taxes.

We believe that ALL Residential & Commercial real estate should be listed on the tax rolls in a fair and equitable manner. No one should be paying more than their fair share of Property Taxes. When assessment inaccuracies occur, we address them and provide supporting evidence to the County / Township Assessment Office to establish an accurate assessment.

We have WON 93% of the Assessment Appeals we've handled since 2010.

K2 Consulting's property tax specialists conduct due diligence on your property by reviewing the official property records, township assessment rolls, tax bills and applicable property owner exemptions. We research and document our findings and if warranted - and with your approval - we prepare a Property Tax Assessment Appeal on your behalf. This is a tedious and time consuming process, and requires knowledge of various Township / County rules and regulations in order to be successful.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction. You only pay us if we WIN your Property Tax Appeal. If there is no reduction in property taxes, no fee is due.

Our services include:

  • Real Estate Valuation
  • Assessment Analysis
  • Equity Analysis
  • Property Owner Exemption Review
  • Property Tax Appeals
  • Commercial & Industrial Vacancy Valuations
  • Protest & Valuation Strategies
  • PTAB Litigation Referral, if required

K2 Consulting of IL, Inc., has a proven track record of successfully reducing property taxes.

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