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Client Testimonials

McHenry County property taxes are outrageous. Karen Krug from K2 Consulting of IL, Inc., found homes comparable to mine, right in the neighborhood, paying lower property taxes. She took care of all the details for my property tax appeal. Because of Karen's help, I am now saving nearly $2000 a year on my property tax bill. I wholeheartedly endorse Karen and her property tax business. All homeowners should take advantage of this service.

Joseph S

I hired Karen Krug at K2 Consulting to review my Property Taxes. I'm retired and already receive the homeowner & senior citizen exemptions - but my taxes still seemed too high. Karen located homes just like mine, that had lower taxes. We won the appeal and I now have $500 a year more in my pocket, because my tax bill went down. Thank you Karen!

Fred G

We don't know anything about Property Taxes -- except that we pay too much. And we had a feeling our taxes were out of line, compared to others. Karen saved us nearly $1000 a year by appealing our property tax assessment. Over five years, that's a $5000 savings. We really appreciate Karen's services.

"Anonymous" on Prairie Drive

Karen brought to our attention that we were paying the highest real estate taxes in our neighborhood when compared to identical houses. After signing with K2 Consulting, they handled all the paperwork, house and value comparisons, etc. and submitted the paperwork on our behalf. In the end, we were able to reduce our annual taxes by 20%. I highly recommend K2 Consulting's services to anyone looking to reduce their real estate taxes.

Steve Z

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